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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

A Comparative Study of  Phatic Language between
English and Chinese

Phatic language has been better studied since Malionwski advanced the term “phatic communion”, which means that the utterances are denoted or related to language for general purposes (e.g. establishing or maintaining social contacts) of social interaction, rather than to seek or convey information or ask questions, in the sense that so long as the conversational hiatus is filled, what one says matters little. This thesis provides a contrastive analysis of English and Chinese phatic languages in greetings, farewells and small talk. It first explores their common characteristics in language interaction, and then analyzes their differences in practical use. The results show that it is necessary for Chinese to know about English phatic formula and the respective cultural background, and vice versa. A contrastive study of the two cultures may result in a deeper understanding of differences in phatic communication between Chinese and English. Therefore it achieves the goal that raising consciousness and sharpening the ability of transnational culture human relations.

Key Words: phatic language;  comparison study;  greetings;  farewells;
small talk
摘  要

自Malionwski 提出Phatic language的概念以来,应酬语得到了进1步的研究。Phatics 通常译为寒暄语、应酬语等,指的是并非真正用来交换信息或意见,而是为了创造1种氛围或社会接触的交流语。尽管其交流的信息量极为有限,但它在人们的日常交往中却起着粘着剂作用。本论文从英汉应酬语中的问候语、告别语和闲谈3个方面进行对比研究,不仅评述了在语言交际中它们的共同特点,而且分析了在实际应用中的区别。研究表明,熟知英汉应酬语的表达方式、原则和尊重彼此的文化蕴涵是非常有必要的。通过研究,我们了解了英汉应酬语之间的差异,从而达到培养跨国文化交际意识,提高跨国文化交际能力的目的。


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