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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

Questioning Strategies for Middle School English Class


The importance of teacher-student interaction in target language (TL) learning classrooms has been examined and manifested by L2 researchers. As the initiative step of the three-part solicitation-response-evaluation teacher- student interaction in language classrooms, teachers’ questioning behavior plays an important role in language classes. Actually, this issue has been examined both in L1 and L2 classrooms abroad. However, in China there is lack of systematic research in this aspect. Based upon this consideration and the features of the middle school English classes, the present research is conducted, aiming at finding out the features of English teachers’ questioning behavior in middle school context, examining the relationship between various questioning techniques and learners’ outcome, and consequently facilitating middle school English learning. As for the structure of this thesis, it consists of the following four parts. Part one is the introduction to questioning in middle school English class. Part two describes the research method employed in this study and shows us the results of the research. Part three gives the findings and significance of the research. Finally, part four gives a summary for the whole thesis, points out the limitation of this paper and hints the future expanding potential of this research.

Key Words: questioning strategy;middle school English class;teacher-student interaction; wait-time

摘  要

    师生之间的互动在语言课堂中的重要性是显而易见的, 并且已被许多语言学者阐述和证明。 而师生之间这种互动的第1步往往就是老师发问,因此,语言课堂中教师的提问技巧具有举足轻重的作用。自从210世纪710年代以来,有关教师课堂提问方式(包括母语学习和2语学习)的研究在国外已得到广泛关注并不断深入,而国内在这方面的研究显得较为滞后。鉴于此,本研究对中学英语课堂中教师提问策略进行了初步调查,旨在较为全面地了解中学英语教师的提问方式的特点,以及各种提问方式对学生学习效果的影响,以便更好地促进新环境下的教与学。本研究主要采取访问的形式,着重从6个方面讨论了中学英语教师的提问策略:提问数量、问题种类、给出问题的方式、提问对象、等待时间和问题的修改。



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