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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

On the Theme of Paralysis in Dubliners


   There are four typical stories in James Joyce’s collection of short novels Dubliners. These stories summarize the whole life’s experience of the Irish and show the social condition at that time. By discussing the symbols in those four novels, the thesis reveals the theme of paralysis and epiphany of the book. The whole thesis can be divided into three parts. The first part is the analysis about the paralysis in the time of young age in the book and the second part is about the paralysis in the time of maturity, these first two parts focuses its attention on the symbols in the four stories, and tries to find the deep meaning behind them. The last part is the explanation for this kind of phenomenon in Dubliners. In those short stories, Joyce describes the spiritual poverty of the people of Dublin in the industrial age, with powerful images of mechanized humans and animated machines. With those symbols, he depicts Dublin as a city of paralysis; People in this city trapped in their life but finally got a sudden realization. The theme is infused into every story in Dubliners.

Key Words: Dubliners; symbol; paralysis; epiphany

摘 要

在詹姆斯•乔伊斯的短篇小说集《都柏林人》中,有4篇具有典型意义的小说,它们浓缩了爱尔兰人1生的经历并展现了当时的社会状态。本论文通过对这4篇小说的象征的分析来揭示其瘫痪和顿悟的主题。论文分为3部分,第1部分是对书中年少时期瘫痪主题的分析,第2部分是对中年时期瘫痪主题的分析; 这两部分以小说中出现的各种象征物为线索,探索其背后的深远意义。最后则是对小说中瘫痪现象的原因总结。在《都柏林人》中,乔伊斯通过运用机械化的人类和动物式机器的象征,描述了都柏林工业时代人们的精神贫穷,通过这些象征,他把都柏林描绘成了1个瘫痪的城,城市里的人们被困在他们的生活里,却最终突然觉悟。 这个主题深入了《都柏林人》中的每个故事。

关键词: 都柏林人、象征、瘫痪、顿悟


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