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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

Contrastive Analysis of Cohesive Devices of English and Chinese in Text Translation


Cohesion is a necessary thought not a sufficient condition for the creation of text and contributes to the realization of textual coherence. There are many common grounds in cohesive devices in English and Chinese, but because of the difference in thought and the habit on expression, they have their own features in using text cohesion. Accurately understanding the difference in cohesive devices in English and Chinese is important in translation and English teaching. Many national scholars have conducted studies on cohesive devices in English and Chinese. From the introduction and evaluation about foreign research theoretical production in the previous period to our own theoretical system which was formed and built gradually, the study of text and cohesion devices become more and more meticulous and get more and more attention. With the comparison between President Bush’s 9.11 statements and its Chinese version, the present thesis aims to expound the different preferences between Chinese and English cohesive devices in text translation. For the sake of reproducing the original text faithfully, translators should adjust and change the cohesive devices on the basis of their characteristics and the requirements of the text genre.

Key Words: text ; cohesive device ; translation; cohesion; context
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