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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

The Arrangement and Implementing of Classroom Activities to ELT in Chinese Middle Schools


As we all know,learning of the English language in China takes place mainly in classrooms and is usually done under the guidance and supervision of teachers. Under the circumstances, students are constrained to be listeners, they cannot improve their communicate competence well. As a student, I think that well-designed classroom activities can reinforce students’ previous knowledge and help them to link isolated verbal and phrasal words into sentences conveying a stream of thought.
However, ELT in Chinese Middle Schools always stress on the way of teachers’ teaching and students’ learning recently. In fact, the arrangement and implementing of classroom activity is also an important factor that influences students’ learning. Whether the arrangement and implementing of classroom activity is proper, it will directly influence the complementary of the students, the materials and the teachers.
In order to cultivate students’ communicative competence,the appropriate classroom activity is essential. Recent research proves that the interpersonal nature of students’ success and satisfaction appear in cooperative learning (D.W.Johnson) and group work (Brown). They can promote significant increases in student motivation, achievement and participation.
Based on the present principles and my own experiences as a student, I do some researches and analyze the present classroom practicalities in order to promote students’ communicative competence. Therefore, this article presents two classifications of classroom activities that are very practical and useful; moreover, it analyzes the benefits of cooperative learning and group work in the arrangement and implementing of classroom activities. With the analysis of classroom activities, it intends to arrange appropriate classroom activities so as to improve the efficiency of English teaching and learning.

Key words: activity; cooperative learning; characteristic; essence; classroom
practicality; group work; pair work

摘  要

关键词:活动; 合作学习; 特征; 本质; 课堂实例; 小组活动; 结对活动


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