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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

The Role of Pre-Speaking Activities in Students’ Oral Performance


The thesis is an attempt to investigate the role of pre-speaking activities in students’ oral performance and find out the way students make progress in their speaking. It mainly elaborates, in the first part of the thesis, Krashen’ s Monitor Theory, the affective filter hypothesis, Swain’ s comprehensible output hypothesis, and the relationship between input and output. Then it illustrates the definition of pre-speaking activities, and the kinds of pre-speaking activities. In the present study, three kinds of pre-speaking activities are discussed. They are listening to the tape, reading the text and watching a video. The third part is the major part of the thesis. It discusses about the effectiveness and the role of pre-speaking activities. It is revealed that students should improve their speaking in the four aspects of pre-speaking activities: topic-relatedness of the activities, content of the speaking, fluency of students’ oral English, and the last not the least, vocabulary choice and use. It concludes that pre-speaking activities play a positive role in activating and encouraging students to speak. It helps to improve students’ oral performance in English class.

Key Words: hypothesis; input; output; pre-speaking activities; effectiveness 

摘  要


关键词: 假设、输入、输出、准备活动、有效性


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