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时间:2018-05-21 其他毕业论文 我要投稿


An Analysis on the Humor of English Advertisement


With the rapid development of modern society, the advertisement is not only brief and bright, but is also one kind of propagandizing culture which is closely linked with the people. The Chinese economy wells up into the world markets swiftly and violently and the Chinese commodities similarly for achieving share the world market at the critical moment. Studying the English advertisement is helpful to get better understanding about the English culture. The excavation creativity can simultaneously raise the ability of appreciating and innovating. Nowadays, humor is more and more universally used in advertisement, especially in the design of brand advertising. It can not only vividly endow with the advertisement language image in particular, novel unique, humorous characteristic, fully demonstrates the unique charm of English advertisement language, but also make the deep impression to the audience, causing the consumer to ponder in the life smart-alecky to be humorous, thus produces better effect of persuade, and effectively completes the demand of advertisement.

Key Words: advertising; humour;rhetoric;environment; famous brand

摘 要

在飞速发展的现代化社会,广告不仅是1门简短而鲜明的艺术,更是1种与人们生活息息相关的宣传文化。在中国经济正迅猛涌入世界经济市场和中国商品同样为争得世界市场份额的关键时刻,研究广告英语,有助于加深我们对英语文化的认识,挖掘创意,同时也能培养鉴赏及创新思维能力。 如今,幽默在广告中的运用越来越普遍,尤其是在品牌广告的设计中,它不仅能够赋予广告语言形象生动、新颖别致、简洁幽默的特点,充分展示广告英语语言特有的魅力,还能够给观众留下深刻的印象,使消费者玩味生活中的俏皮幽默, 从而产生更好的劝说效应,有效地完成广告诉求。因此,研究广告英语语言的特点,研究广告英语中幽默的艺术特征、以及如何将幽默运用到品牌广告设计中,意义非常重大。只有充分了解了这些,我们才能设计出独具匠心的广告用语,引导消费者进入1个缤纷的物质与精神世界。



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