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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

Cultural difference in Sino-American negotiation


Foreign trade intercourse between China and other countries has become close more and more since china entered WTO. America is the most important trade partner to China. And a fixed number of Sino-American trades are steadily on the increase. In this condition, successful negotiation plays a significant role in trade contact in the future. However, because of Chinese and American negotiator come from difference cultural background, sometimes we may find even if the two parties have good faith (sincerity), they still can not reach agreement. Therefore, confronting the cultural crash, we should compare and analyze these differences of thinking pattern, concept of value and style of negotiation in order to promote the bilateral trade and offer mutual benefit and achieve common progress. The thesis is a comparative study of the differences of value and negotiation style. There are many factors contributing to cultural conflict, but different concept of value and negotiation style may be one of the most important. Efforts in the thesis are devoted to exploring the underlying cultural factors behind the distinctions of these negotiating styles and concept of value. The objective is to improve the knowledge and understanding of negotiation-related cultural differences and furnish some recommendations for Chinese negotiators involved in Sino-America business negotiations.

Key Words: China; American; business negotiation; cultural differences

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