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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

On Reflection of Sino-US Advertising Language from the Perspective of Cultural Difference


With the globalization of politics and economy, the economic and cultural exchanges with foreign countries are increasing. As a specific carrier of culture, advertisements have become a significant instrument to communicate among all countries. Besides, advertising is subordinate to culture, influenced by culture, and carries and reflects culture. Meanwhile, language is a specific carrier of ads and is one of an important form of expression. Therefore, my paper is to study Chinese and American cultures comparatively through advertising language. This paper, first, analyzes the relationship between advertising language and culture. It lists some examples about TV advertisement and the outdoor advertisement, which are very important, lively and interesting to help you understand American culture and develop your communicative abilities, to contrast the features between American advertising language and Chinese advertising language. Then, it discusses the advertising language reflecting the differences of Chinese and American cultures in three levels: Sino-US cultural background, difference perspectives of sex and contrasting different modes of thinking.

Key Words: advertising language; features; cultural background; difference

摘  要

随着全球政治、经济1体化的发展,国内外经济、文化的交流日益频繁。广告,作为1种特殊的文化载体,已经成为不同国家的人们开展文化传播与交流的重要工具?銮,广告还是文化的重要组成部分,受文化的影响,又承载并反映着文化。同时,语言则是实现广告的特定载体和具体表现形式之1。因此,论文是通过广告语言来对比研究中美文化的。本文首先,分析了广告语言和文化的关系,举了1系列的重要、生动、有趣的而且能助你理解美国文化和提高你的交流能力的电视广告和户外广告的例子来比较中美广告的特点差异。然后,从3个方面讨论广告用语反映中美文化的差异,即: 中美文化背景,不同的性观念和思维模式的差异。



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