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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

On the Translation of Advertisements from the Perspective of Function Translation Theory


In the 1970s, the functional translation theory was put forward by German scholars. The functional concept is a complement to traditional translation theory. It opened up a new perspective to translation studies, with “skopos theory” as its core, which is the most important theory in translation theory.
First, the aim rule and the loyal rule are two backbones of the functional translation theories. The combination of them can work in the translation of many text types. These are discussed in the first part of this thesis. Second, with the speed-up of social development and the deepening of cultural and economic interaction, the position of advertising materials has reached its highest point in history. The second part introduces five features of advertising materials. Third, the functional translation theory puts much emphasis on the textual functions and holds the opinion that translation strategies should be adopted accordingly. The third part analyzes the textual functions of various text types and concludes tentatively that vocative text types such as advertising materials should be translated functionally. Last, this conclusion is further proved in the fourth part where the functional translation theory is put into practical examples to analyze their competence. Through these analyses, the advantages and practical values of functional theories are demonstrated.
Functional translation theories have been proved to be helpful in the translation of vocative text types such as advertising materials. With the development of the sphere, functional translation theories can be applied to this field broader and broader.

Key Words: functional translation theory; advertising translation;
textual functions; translation method

摘 要

210世纪710年代,德国出现1派翻译理论——功能派翻译理论。功能派翻译理论是对传统翻译理论的1种补充,它给翻译界注入了1股新鲜的空气。它是以“skopos theory”为核心,其也是功能翻译理论的1个重要理论。



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