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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

Arthur Miller’s Views of Tragedy in Death of a Salesman


    After his first Broadway production in 1944, Arthur Miller remained in the forefront of important American playwrights. Actually, upon the basis of classical tragedy and his understanding of modern society, Arthur Miller formed his own theory of tragedy.
    This thesis begins with an introduction which provides Arthur Miller’s achievement and expounds the success and critical problems of Death of a Salesman. Part One is concerned about the development of tragedy. It will be analysis from three periods. Each period has its own character and its own unique concept. Part Two is meant to probe into Miller’s ideas of tragedy. In Miller’s “The Tragedy and the Common Man” Miller has explained the necessity of common man as a hero of tragedy, saying that tragedy flaw not only belongs to noble man and tragedy is different from pathos. Part Three sets out to explore in Miller’s play his views of tragedy. Different from Greek or Elizabethan tragedy, Miller chose a common man Willy Loman as the hero. Willy had no money, no influential position. For Miller, another key element of a tragedy was the “tragic flaw” that the main character had. The tragic flaw of Willy was his worship of false value. He was so idolatrous that killed him. In Miller’s tragedies, the plays were optimistic and hopeful. It was terrible that Willy killed himself, but his reasons of suicide showed an optimistic view of the play. Also, it brought the audience much more hope and thought rather than pity and terror.

Key Words: Arthur Miller; views of tragedy; common man; tragic flaw; optimism

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