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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿


Doris Lessing was born of British parents in Persia (now Iran) in 1919, whose father lost a leg in World War I and had taken a job in the Imperial Bank of Persia. When she was 5 years old, her family moved to Southern Rhodesia, where she stayed for 25 years. In 1949, she moved to England, where she now lives, in northwest London. Doris Lessing has described her childhood as an uneven mix of some pleasure and much pain. Her early years were spent absorbing her father’s bitter memories of World War I, taken in as a kind of “poison.” “We are all made by war.” Lessing has written, “twisted and warped by war, but we seem to forget it.” She writes about naiveté and has a vivid style.
Her autobiographical essay, My Father (1963), provides a sense of the terrible nostalgia and regret which her father experiences for his youth, that is, his life before the First World War. Doris Lessing’s self-representational writing is a form of psychoanalysis or psychotherapy because she uses the position of author to act as psychoanalyst and character simultaneously. A dialogic process thus develops both between Lessing as author and Lessing as character, and between Lessing’s fictive selves, which exist in a variety of self-representational texts.
At the very beginning of the essay, the author emphasized the “true” in the article. In order to reach it, she created a fictive self, that is, Lessing makes herself to come closer to what her father experiences. In addition, she applied the writing way in which fiction resembles psychoanalysis, a learning experience, which is therapeutic.

Key words: self-representation; fictive self; selfhood; reminiscences;
psychoanalysis; anguish

摘   要

她的作品言辞纯真无邪,风格生动活泼!段业母盖住肥撬1篇自传体散文,写于1963年。作品中流露出1种浓浓的怀旧之情,追忆了其父亲年青时代 的生活经历,也就是他1战前的生活。莱辛自我表达的写作方式是心理分析或心理治疗的1种形式,因为她以1个作者的身份同时扮演着心理分析家和文中人物的双重角色。因此,对白的过程是在作为作者的莱辛和作为文中人物的她之间进行的,或是在莱辛那些虚拟的自我间进行的。而在莱辛的各种自我表现的文章中,都有存在着虚拟的自我。


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