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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿


 MCQs(multiple-choice questions) are widely adopted in the large-scale English testing with its advantage of Equalization、applicability and economization. They provide a useful means of teaching and testing in various learning situations, they are useful in measuring students’ability to recognize correct grammatical forms. However, they are often under criticism. Based on the analysis of CET-4 and testing theory, this paper introduce the origin of MCQs and points out the main disadvantages of MCQs, e.g. prevent students’learning and productive activities、factor of guess and problems in designing. The paper ends up with some suggestions for make MCQs more suitable for the tests so that MCQs be the real assistance of language teaching and learning.

Key words: MCQs; reliability; validity; backwash

摘   要

多项选择题因为其公平性、可操作性和经济性而受到各大型英语考试的青睐。多项选择题不仅为各种学习环境提供了有效的手段,而且对培养学生辨别正确的语法形式的能力也是10分有用的。但是,多项选择题也常常遭到人们的批评。本论文运用测试理论对CET-4加以分析,从多项选择题的起源,阻碍学生的学习和产出性行为,CET考试中的猜测因素,多项选择题设计时出现的问题等方面,立足本人对CET-4和测试理论的学习和研究,指出多项选择题存在的主要的缺点,并提出相应的意见和建议,希望多项选择题在语言测试中的弊端得到人们充分的重视, 改进多项选择题,考卷设计时运用多种考试题型,使考试真正成为语言教育和学习的辅助手段。


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