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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿


American black literature plays an important role in American history. Under the influence of Darwin’s theory that the origin of species is derived by descent, with variation from parent forms through natural selection of those best adapted to survive tin the struggle for existence, the literary climate of America is changing. Naturalism came into being and was  widely used between 19th and 20th century. with the development of industry, America becomes an amoral world. Many authors begin to produce an attitude of gloom and despair, which characters American literature of this period. After American Civil War, the blacks try in all aspects to ask for more freedom and rights. In the following paragraphs, let me examine Richard Wright and his short story. Richard Wright, not a naturalist but a black writer, was born to keep with the tide of contemporary world. It is his experience and literary technique that put him to be one of the most famous American black writers. During his lifetime, Richard Wright wrote only a few books, such as Native Son , Black Boy, Eight Men. The Man Who Was almost a Man is excerpted from Eight Men. In this short story, Wright borrows naturalism to enrich his writing skills and create characters. I will explain naturalism in his short story The Man Who Was almost a Man from three aspects: naturalism reflected from character’s family, the social environments and pressure and oppression from the white.

Key words: naturalism;black literature;borrow;amoral world

摘  要

黑人文学在美国文学史中起到了举足轻重的作用,在达尔文物种起源理论的影响下,美国文学的气候也在改变。自然主义的出现和它在19 世纪末20世纪初被广泛接受和应用,这就形成了美国这个时期的文学特征。美国慢慢地沦为1个非人性的社会,1大批学者和作家开始产生消极和抑郁的倾向。内战以后,越来越多的黑人要求更多的权利和自由。美国黑人作家理查德•赖特就适应了这个潮流,也就是他的特殊经历和写作手法让他成了世界著名的黑人作家之1他的短篇小说《即将成人》就选自《8人行》,小说中他借用了自然主义这个写作技巧去刻画和塑造人物形象, 揭示人物性格形成的原因。本文从家庭、社会环境和白人的压迫展示自然主义在这篇文章的具体应用。本文分成3个主要的章节,第1部分是对自然主义的概述; 第2部分是重点部分,集中论述自然主义的具体应用; 最后部分得出结论: 理查德•赖特确实借用了自然主义.


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