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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿


Naton Leslie’s short-story Don’t Get Comfortable is a story with very distinctive features, the most prominent feature being its a unique narrative structure. This thesis examines the narrative structure and technique of narration in this short story and explores how Naton Leslie applies the method of inserting tales which have little or nothing do with one another on the one hand, and with the theme, on the other hand and the distinctive narrative structure. It is such a compact and unconventional narrative structure that enables the author to contain so much content and makes the theme of the short-story so prominent. It is pointed out that Naton Leslie tries his best to avoid conventional narrative structure, which requires the events or episodes to proceed from beginning to end without any interruptions. In the meantime, an attempt is made t analyze the inserted tales, examine their relationship with one another, comment on their respective functions and reveal the distinctness of narration and its artistic value in short story writing.

Key words: narrative structure; inserting tales; story; theme

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