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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿


     The production of Death of a Salesman elevated Arthur Miller to the front rank of great American dramatists. It is a social critical play which vividly portrays the conflicts of the Lomans and all the other American families, and realistically represents the social problem caused by the dream of wealth and success in the 20th century.
    This thesis attempts to demonstrate that American Dream is only a nightmare in modern American society.
    Part I is an introduction to the established fame, the arguments about the play, and the statement of my viewpoints.
    Part II offers a glimpse of the origin and development of the American Dream, and then summarizes the forms and essence of American Dream.
    Part III explains how Death of a Salesman reveals the collapse of American Dream. It first discusses the different roles Willy plays in the society and then draws the conclusion that Willys death is inevitable with the collapse of all his dreams.
   Part IV attempts to analyze the causes for the collapse of Willys dream. On the one hand, it is caused by the alteration of social values; on the other hand, it is due to Willy’s incapability to adjust himself to the social transformations.
   The last part draws the conclusion that Willy Loman is a victim of the American Dream .The play means to give American people a warning that American Dream is only a nightmare, and people should abandon it and change their notions.

Key Words: Death of a Salesman; American Dream;
 nightmare; Willy Loman

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