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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿


Great Expectation is regarded as one of Charles Dickens’ best novels, and it is also a book written in his late period. After all kinds of life experiences, his attitudes toward people and life changed a lot. Most of his mature thoughts collect in this book. In Great Expectation, Dickens creates his memorable personages by means of several techniques.
Starting from a technique named binary opposition used in evaluating literary works, this paper shows a detailed analysis about how binary opposition is applied for depicting characters, environment and creating plots in this story. It begins with explaining the term “binary opposition”, which is a pair of terms differentiated by their opposition to one another. Then it analyses binary opposition in characters such as Pip’s being a narrator and a character, Wemmick’ s cold-blooded and warm-hearted, Miss Havisham’ s cruelty and mercifulness, and in certain surroundings like Joe’s forge—a bright place and Miss Havisham’ s Satis House—a dark place. There is also binary opposition in creating plots. In the end, it concludes that by using the technique of binary opposition, the book achieves its expected effects.

Key words: Charles Dickens; Great Expectation;
binary opposition; character


摘  要

本文拟从文学批评的2元对立出发,对小说中人物,环境以及情节刻画的2元对立作具体探讨。首先,对2元对立这个术语作了具体解释。所谓2元对立,是指在任1系统中1对差异项的确定,并在此基础上对某种价值进行分析.然后,详细分析了人物的2元对立. 比如皮普作为故事述说者和故事主人公的对立, 文米克性格中的冷血和热心的对立, 郝薇香小姐的残忍和仁慈的对立. 人物所处的具体环境如乔的铁匠铺作为1个光明的象征和郝薇香小姐的沙堤斯宅作为1个阴暗象征的2元对立,以及文章的主要情节刻画中的2元对立。最后,总结运用2元对立手法所达到的使故事结构既分离又紧凑,人物塑造既对立又统1的效果。

关键词:狄更斯;远大前程; 2元对立; 人物

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