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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿


   Alienation in reality is an external topic of the western literature inside. The literary alienation in western modernism problem is also western literature inside this the abyss of time topic in western literature in 20th century art of deep turn. From the reason speak in the theory, “alienation is positive corpus that the philosophy sociology category that activity to reflect the person and its results convert into the governance the person objectively and with hostile and independent power in person, and contact with this mutually, the person, be changed into by social process.” The present paper is attempted to, on the basis of the essay, My father, written in 1963 by Doris Lessing, who is well-accepted outstanding contemporary woman writer in Britain, further interpret its theme and connotation, and focus on the character’s nature to discuss the theme of alienation in Lessing’s work.

Key words: Alienation; initiation; journey; suffering; reconciliation; communication

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