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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

A Comparative Study of Esthetic Representation in
  English Versions of the Chinese Poem Jing Ye Si

Poetry is an important way to express feelings and ideas. Translating a poem is difficult, and representing the beauty of original is particularly difficult, as poetry has the high reserved and exquisite language, for has the beauty in” sound, form, and artistic conception”. This thesis is divided into five parts. Part One is an introduction, which introduced the general theory of “three beauties”,and proposed beauty is the longtime pursuit of poetry translation. Part Two presents the main aesthetic appreciation factors in Chinese and English poems. Though there are diversities, they do have common place in poetry appreciation, such as both emphasis the form, the sound, and the image. Part Three lists some difficulties in poetry translation, also presents the aesthetics principles in literary translation, which is used to identify though there are difficulties, “three beauties” can be translated successfully if we follow these esthetics principles. Part Four is the analysis of Jing Ye Si and the comparison of English versions. The last part is the summary of this thesis.

Key Words: poetry translation; aesthetic appreciation; representation;
Jing Ye Si; English versions; comparison.

摘  要

诗歌是传情表意的重要方式,译诗难,翻译出诗歌的美尤其难,因为其语言高度含蓄、凝练,并兼有意美、音美和形美的特征。该文共分5部分。第1部分是导论,首先提出美是诗歌翻的永恒追求,并概述了许渊冲教授的"3美"原则;第2部分分析了英汉诗歌的审美要素,指出尽管英汉诗歌语言有许多不同之处,但在审美上英汉诗歌具有共同点,如两者都注重诗歌的形象性,音乐性,并大量运用意象,由此得出了品评译本的审美标准;第3部分分析了诗歌翻译中存在的困难,也探讨了文学翻译的美学原则,提出应遵循美学原则,并成功地再现诗歌的美。第4部分分析了《静夜思》的审美价值并从3美的角度比较了9种英译本 。最后1部分是结论,总结了全文。

关键词:诗歌翻译 、审美、再现、 静夜思、 英译本、 对比 


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