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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

From Madame Butterfly to M. Butterfly:
A Study of David Henry Hwang’s Cultural Tactics

David Henry Hwang (1957-) is the first Chinese-American playwright who presents his plays on Broadway. And his play M. Butterfly won a 1988 Tony Award for “Best Play”. By juxtaposing and intertextualizing a true story with Madame Butterfly, David Henry Hwang’s M. Butterfly not only deconstructs the sexist and racist stereotypes of the Orient but also subverts the original relationship of Western dominance and Eastern submissiveness. The thesis focuses on the tactics which are manifested in three aspects. The first part is concerned about David Henry Hwang’s Broadway hit M. Butterfly and critics’ reviews. On the basis of that, the second part is devoted to addressing the tactics of David Henry Hwang in his M. Butterfly from the following aspects: deconstruct, subvert, and reversed stereotypes of the East for the West, male for the female. Finally, the thesis attempts to suggest that the East and West should cut through the respective layers of culture and sexual misconceptions and deal with one another truthfully.

Key Words: M. Butterfly; Madame Butterfly; deconstruction; stereotypes;     Orientlism

摘 要

黄哲伦(David Henry Hwang,1957-)是第1位在百老汇上演自己作品的华裔美国剧作家,他的代表作《蝴蝶君》曾获托尼奖;普苈淄ü闯隽1部男女关系、东西方关系、以及殉情方式都于普契尼的歌剧颠倒过来的《蝴蝶夫人》,不仅解构了对东方女子被定型为蝴蝶夫人的刻板印象,而且也颠倒了原有的东西方权利关系。因此,本文着重分析了从《蝴蝶夫人》到《蝴蝶君》中,黄哲伦所用的文化策略。第1部分首先介绍了黄哲伦的《蝴蝶君》1剧在百老汇舞台上演后的1系列反映。在此基础上,第2部分则致力于详细认真地分析黄在《蝴蝶君》剧作中的所运用的文化策略:通过击碎西方男子脑海中关于东方女子是蝴蝶夫人的刻板印象,解构、颠覆了西方人对东方人在种族和性别上的定型化的角色。该文在最后表达了黄哲伦在《蝴蝶君》中所要表达的观点—切穿层层的文化和性别的错误感受,抛弃旧有的刻板印象,由对立、对抗转为合作、交流。



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