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时间:2018-05-21 其他毕业论文 我要投稿


Character Analysis of Catch-22

Joseph Heller is a great writer of the Unite State in 1830s. In his typical work Catch-22, he shows numerous absurd, crazy and disorder farces about the world for human beings by means of the fantastic form of war and the vivid depiction of characters. By carefully analyzing many vivid characters in Catch-22, this thesis shows Heller’s great achievements in technique of writing and in the figural description throughout the novel. From the visual angle of black humor, this thesis carefully expatiates on Cathcart, the cruel Colonel for furthering their own causes and Milo who is a profit-hungry mess officer; Soldier in white, a victim of war and bureaucratic system and Tappman who is perplexed and cannot control own destiny; Yossarian, the dramatis personae who is the only level-headed character among the blind-minded common people, and who attempts many stratagems only to get rid of the death and avoid of the war. This thesis also reveals the American bureaucratic society’s darksome side after the War WorldⅡ.

Key Words: character;bureaucrat;roughscuff;anti-hero;Black humor

摘 要

约瑟夫海勒是109世纪310年代美国的伟大作家。在其代表作品 《第2102条军规》中,海勒以1种荒诞离奇的战争形式以及对作品中人物的生动地刻画,向人们展示了1幕幕荒诞、疯狂、混乱的人间闹剧。本文通过解读《第2102条军规》中众多鲜明的人物,展示了作家在写作技巧和人物形象的描写等方面取得的突出成就。从“黑色幽默”的视角,本文详细阐述了为了加官进爵而残酷无情的上!ㄋ箍ㄌ睾吞扒罄蟮幕锸彻佟茁;战争的牺牲品—白衣士兵和无法掌握自己命运,困惑的牧师—塔普曼;以及众人皆醉我独醒、为了摆脱死亡而尝试了很多计谋去避免战争的主人公—约塞连,由此揭示出这部小说荒诞的主题,从而反映了战后美国官僚社会的阴暗的1面。



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