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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

An Analysis of the Images of Women in Sons and Lovers

In Sons and Lovers, D. H. Lawrence examines three destructive forms of love from which Paul Morel struggles to free himself: Oedipal love, spiritual love, and unbalanced--possessive love, which respectively define his relationships with his mother, Miriam and Clara. In Paul’s whole life, his mother, who shaped his character, is just a moulder of him. Miriam Leivers seems as an angel for him, and she makes him realize the weakness of pure spiritual love. The last female Clara Dawes seems as Satan for Paul, and she makes him understand that physical love is also unperfect. He will surely have no real love for a woman and no happy marriage in his life and is doomed to have a tragic ending with his love affairs. The feminists believe that men and women suffer great depression when they are in love just because their body is separated from their soul. Accordingly, this thesis puts forward an ideal love outlook: the combination of spiritual and physical love.

Key Words:  D. H. Lawrence;  Sons and Lovers;  moulder;  Angel;  Satan; feminism

摘  要

在《儿子与情人》这部小说中, 劳伦斯认为正是由于保罗对小说中的3位女性的不同的3种爱, 使他能从3角关系中解脱出来:第1种是母爱,第2种是纯洁的精神恋爱, 第3种是性爱。对于保罗来说,母亲是他的1个模板,塑造了他的个性; 米莉安对于他来说犹如1个天使, 让他认识到了仅有精神恋爱是不够的; 克拉拉对他来说犹如1个撒旦, 使他认识到只有肉体的爱情也是1种缺陷。 她们的存在使保罗无法正常的恋爱结婚从而导致他每次恋爱的无果。 女性主义认为男女主人公在恋爱时所遭受的痛苦是由于他们性格上的不健全, 1直处于1种灵与肉分离的状态。本文通过对小说中的人物及其4人之间关系的分析, 来证明劳伦斯的《儿子与情人》是从灵与肉的分离走向灵与肉的结合, 同时从中更进1步的理解那个时代的女性。

关键词:戴*赫*劳伦斯、《儿子与情人》、 铸造者、 天使、 撒旦、 女性主义


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