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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿


This dissertation is developed from my years of study on campus, numerous people have lent me a helping hand in completing this research.
Firstly, special thanks go to Mrs. Yu, the instructor of this paper as well as a respectable teacher in School of Foreign Studies, Human University of Science and Technology, whose frequent guidance and invaluable suggestions lead to the accomplishment of the paper. Mrs. Yu’s hardworking and responsible spirits set a good example for all the undergraduates of 2006.
Secondly, thanks go to all the university leaders and teachers, who have imparted the essence of knowledge to me, especially to professor Meng Jiangang, who has taught me Linguistics and whose original ideas and interesting lectures make great impression on me and finally lead to the start of the paper.
Lastly but not the least, thanks go to all the librarians, who have done very much in supplying us with reference books, as well as to those authors whose works have been quoted by me in the paper.


    This paper will gives a brief analysis on the psychological mechanism of reading, the text approach and the schema theory and puts forward three steps of reading training to solve the problem that students in high school do not like and good at reading firstly; then this paper will discuss it from three steps: pre-reading stage, while-reading stage and post-reading. In the end, this study will emphasize the significance of “Three Steps” of reading for reading teaching.

Key words: text approach; psychological mechanism of reading; schema; three steps of reading training



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