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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿


As culture-loaded words, red and green are rich in connotations. In this paper, based on the aspects of lexicon, semantic and pragmatic meanings, ample examples are used to illustrate cultural similarities and differences in English and Chinese. Then it draws the conclusion there are many similarities and differences in the cultural connotations of these two color terms. First, it probes into their similarities through peoples’ common recognition of red and green and equivalent pragmatic meanings in both English and Chinese. Then, it compares their different connotations from the aspects of their basic symbolic meanings, duality of their connotations and inequivalent pragmatic meanings. This article analyzes both color terms’ cultural background by introducing their historical elements and peoples’ fondness. The purpose is to let us know more about both color terms’ expressions and their cultural background, which can help us to solve the problem of bilingual translation. 

Key words: red and green; cultural connotation; similarities and differences; cultural background
摘 要

作为文化的载体,红绿两种颜色有着丰富的文化内涵.本文从构词、语用、语义的角度出发, 运用充分的例子对红绿色在英汉语中的文化内涵做1系列比较,并得出“英汉语中红绿色文化内涵存在异同的结论” 。首先,从人类对红绿色的认知及两个颜色词在英汉互译语义相对应方面阐述红绿色的相同点。接着,从其基本象征意义和其语义内涵有双重性的特点及互译时语义不对应角度比较分析它们的文化内涵差异性的具体体现,并从历史因素和人们的喜好方面挖掘和分析形成其文化内涵异同的文化背景。文章旨在增加大家对红绿色词语的涵义及文化背景的了解,从而帮助大家排除互译过程中的障碍。


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