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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿


1 Related knowledge on Foreign Trade English            
1.1 Features of Foreign Trade English as Especial English
1.2 Classification of Foreign Trade English as Especial English
1.3 Current important of Foreign Trade English
1.4 Requirements for translator in foreign trade field
2 Linguistic features of Foreign Trade English
2.1 Context features of Foreign Trade English
2.2 Lexical features of Foreign Trade English
2.3 The syntactic features of Foreign Trade English
3 The translation models of Foreign Trade English
3.1 Criteria of translation in Foreign Trade English
3.2 Translation model of Foreign Trade English
Works cited

Purpose of this thesis
Before, most English we learned are common English, such as literary English, but as a language, it always developes with the advance of society, the accumulation of culture and the extension of knowledge. What the distinguishable change of English is its combination with especial subjects and has formed other kind of English—Especial English (ESP), different from General English, which covers broadly, including science English and business English. Foreign Trade English(FTE)belongs to the latter. However, with a sharp eye to the current global situation, we will find that with economic globalization and China’s entry into WTO, international commercial activities are more closely united. Hence, among ESP, Foreign Trade English has gained increasing popularity.
   However, we have to admit that not only most foreign traders, but also some experts on English can’t use FTE correctly and appropriately, because they have to understand the linguistic characteristics and expression styles in FTE as well as master foreign trade knowledge. Among those brain-consuming problems on FTE, faithful, exact and idiomatic translation between Chinese and English is the most difficult one, because the peculiar ways of communication and information conveyance in foreign trade and the peculiar function of FTE translation distinct from that of literary translation lead to its distinct translation criteria and model.
   The author analyzes three linguistic features of FTE on lexical, syntactic and contextual features, and then put forwards the suitable criteria for FTE translation-faithfulness, exactness and idiomaticness and on the basis of these two points, translation model of FTE is concluded from three areas—syntactic, semantic and pragmatic on two translation processes—analysis and expressing stage. This analysis, according to the author, can enable translators in this field to fully understand source language and provide a proper version in the target language, so readers from both languages can obtain the equal message.

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