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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

Allan Poe is an outstanding writer of poems and stories. His short fictions have caught the attention of many critics and scholars over the past century. Among them, many short fictions about womens death and madness are picked out here by the present author for analysis. Through analysis cultural and psychological contexts of women in aspects of male gaze and female subjectivity, the paper ventures to interpret Poes female images in those works and than to know Poe’ views on women. From these tales, it is found that the images of women created by Poe are of two kinds. The model-wife in "The Oval Portrait" is a woman of silence without the spirit of resistance because she is too submissive to resist; Ligeia in "Ligeia" is a woman with female subjectivity. She is more extraordinary. Though she is also the object of male desire, she can afford to hold her identity and female subjectivity. Because of her strong will and character, Ligeia expresses her desires clearly and succeeded. She possesses autonomy in both her love and life.
Having analyzed these female images, the author of the present paper comes to the conclusion that femininity is what is shared in these stories; and in these short fictions and elsewhere, Poe exposes womens miserable life in patriarchal society and expresses his great sympathy for them. So from we could clearly know that what is Poe'contradiction views on women.
Key words:  Edgar Allan Poe   views on women    male gaze   female subjectivity    contradiction
通过分析这些女性形象,我们发现在这几篇小说中存在着女性意识。通过她们,爱伦•坡揭露了父权社会中女性悲惨的命运,表达了对女性的同情,同时使我们更好地了解爱伦•坡 矛盾的的女性观。
关键词:   埃德加•爱伦•坡     男性视角      女性自主   女性观     矛盾的

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