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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

Although Hamlet is a play and Red Chamber Dream is a novel, they both tell tragic stories. Hamlet is the most popular and most discussed of Shakespeare’s tragedies. This play tells a story about Prince Hamlet’s revenge. Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius, murders Hamlet’s father. Then Claudius becomes the king of Danish. Hamlet’s mother is married to his uncle right after his father’s death. Then the king detaches his former friends Rosencrants and Guiderstern to spy on him. And his girlfriend Ophelia is sent to find out whether or not he is really mad. This something he can no longer endure. At the end of the play, Hamlet kills his uncle and dies of poisonous wine designed by Claudius. The greatness of this play lies in the fact that Shakespeare expressed his praise of the noble quality of Prince Hamlet as a representative of humanist thinker and his disillusionment with the corrupt and degenerated society in which he lives. The Red Chamber Dream also tells a tragic story of a noble youth, Jia Baoyu. Jia Baoyu loves his cousin, Lin Daiyu, but his families cannot accept their love. Then he has to marry Xue Baochai, a typical feudal defender. Lin Daiyu dies of illness and hopeless. Jia Baoyu shows sympathy for girls’ fate in feudal society and hates feudal politics. After finishing his duty as a feudal nobleman, Jia Baoyu leaves home and becomes a monk.
 Hamlet’s demise is a problem, which has been studied for centuries by many scholars. Some critics attribute Hamlet’s demise to some fatal weakness in Hamlet’s character. Other critics argue that Hamlet alone is unable to set right the wrongs that are so enormous and rampant around him. Still others think that Hamlet’s tragedy is a tragedy of moral frustration, that even if he succeeds in killing his uncle, he cannot restore his shattered universe or his earlier idealized image of his mother. (Standey Wells, 2000:128) In the following analysis we can see how Hamlet himself is mentally tormented by his own procrastination. There also are many articles to discuss Red Chamber Dream; especially many Chinese traditional literature chartists have many different critics. Some think Red Chamber Dream is a sharp sword to the feudal society. Others think Red Chamber Dream is the history of Chinese ancient feudal society. Still some holds the view that Red Chamber Dream is the tragedy of the tragedy. (Zhang Bilai, 1978:241)
 Schopenhauer has classified all tragedies into three types, and one of them is “only can be caused by different position and relationship among the characters in the tragedy”. (Zhang Zhongzai, 2000:382) Such tragedies do not need wicked evils, dreadful errors, or unheard-of accident. It is only the antagonistic relationship among those people, who have common morality that cause the tragedy happen. Hegelian has pointed out that a people’s religion, system of government, ethics, laws, and customs, even science, art or technology, all these have remarks of the people. The attitudes on tragedy of the people express its basic concept on people’s existence, struggle, misery, and death. There are several factors influence and decide a people’s attitudes on tragedy and tragic art. And different people has different its characteristics.
 This thesis will mainly focus on comparison of Jia Baoyu’s and Hamlet’s family surroundings and discuss how family factors influence heroes’ character and tragedy formation. Hamlet and Jia Baoyu are extraordinarily or quietly outstanding on the basis of the difference that tragedy conflicting. This thesis carries on comparative analysis to Hamlet and Jia Baoyu in three respects, tragic conflict reason, the form of expression, and the results mainly seen in family aspects, borrowing Hegelian’s and Schopenhauer’s theories on tragedy.

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