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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿


Body language refers to the expression, the action, the behavior, and the manner of the human body,which assists the language exchange during the process of communication. It is one of the auxiliary teaching means. According to the psychological and physiological features of the pupils, such as their lowly-developed abstract thought, their low ability of understanding, shortly-lasting intention to something deliberately, their high ability of imitation, strong curiosity, and strong desire to show themselves off, together with the purpose of the establishment of English course in primary school and features of the English teaching material for the pupils, this paper firstly analyses the importance and significance of the application of body language in English teaching of primary school. Secondly, from expression, gestures, eye contact and body distance, it discusses the art in the use of body language in English teaching of primary school. Thirdly, the paper points out that the application of body language still occupies an important status and it can make up with the shortages of multimedia teaching. The combination of multimedia teaching and application of body language can help teaching achieve better effect. The paper finally offers some suggestions for the English teachers of primary school.

Key words: body language;the art in use;psychological features;
the multimedia teaching;English teaching of primary school

摘   要

体态语指的是在交际过程中,人们任何部位辅助语言交流的表情,行动,行为,举止。它是教学的1种辅助教学手段。本文从小学生具有的 抽象思维不发达,理解能力欠佳,有意注意时间短暂,但模仿能力强,好奇心强,表现欲强等生理和心理特征出发,综合当前小学英语课程开设的目的以及小学英语教材的特点,分析了小学英语教学中体态语应用的重要性及其作用。从表情,手势,眼神,身体间距离等方面认真探讨了体态语在小学英语教学中的应用艺术。其次本文指出了在当今多媒体教学得到普遍应用的情况下,体态语的应用仍然占有1定的地位,它可以弥补多媒体教学的1些不足之处。在小学多媒体教学中结合体态语的应用能取得更好的教学效果。最后,本文对小学英语教师提出了1些见解和意见。


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