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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿


Transferred epithet which is a kind of figure of speech, is unique and frequently used both in English and in Chinese. It is a very important rhetorical device and is widely used in our daily life and literary works. Transferred epithet makes language colorful and enriches the functions of language. It’s necessary to have a thorough understanding of the rhetorical device. This thesis probes into the definition, mainly the logical structure and translation of transferred epithet. Transferred epithet is a figure of speech where an epithet is transferred from the noun that it should rightly modify to another to which it does not really apply or belong. According to Chomsky’s theory of the surface structure and deep structure, the logical structure of transferred epithet can be divided into three main types, i.e., parallel relation, cause-effect relation, and the modifier modifying the modified relation. And the thesis states the strategy of translation of transferred epithet according to its logical structure and its degree of the deviation from the norm of language. The strategy of translation consists of five levels: (1) complete literal translation to retain the figure of speech; (2) basically literal translation, with some adjustment; (3) both literal and free translation; (4) free translation only; (5) free translation into another expression of transferred epithet.

Key Words:  transferred epithet;logical structure;translation

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