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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

Main factors of Cultural Differences in Foreign Language Learning


Language and culture are tightly integrated and they evolve together and interact with each other. With the development of sociology, psycholinguistics and anthropology, more and more people come to realize the importance of cultural factors in language communication. Owing to the inseparable relationship between language and culture, learning a foreign language will inevitably involve learning the target culture.
This thesis analyzes the influence of cultural differences on foreign language learning and gives some advice to foreign language learner about what to learn and how to learn about target culture. The aim is to promote their cultural awareness and mutual understanding in cross-cultural communication and speed up the process of foreign language learning. The thesis consists of four parts. The first part is a brief introduction and the definition of culture and the relationship between culture and language. The second part is about what to learn about culture. This part includes three points e.g. learning factors affecting cultural differences, learning cultural differences in communicative system and learning cultural difference in vocabulary. The third part provides some strategies for foreign language learner to learn target cultures. The last part is a conclusion, which put emphasis again on the importance of cultural awareness in foreign language learning.

Key Words: cultural differences; foreign language learning; target language;
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