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时间:2017-10-02 其他毕业论文 我要投稿

Politeness Priciple as a Strategy in Business Negotiation


Business negotiation is a process in which at least two or more parties with common and conflicting interests try to reach an agreement of mutual benefits. It is essentially a kind of verbal communication activity. Whether it will succeed depends largely on the use of language. Both parties involved will endeavor to win the most benefits while maintaining cooperation with each other. Therefore it is necessary to adopt the appropriate language strategies. Among them, politeness strategy is the most commonly used one that contributes to a successful business negotiation. Politeness strategy can enhance the mutual trust and understanding among negotiators so as to increase the odds for negotiation success. The first part introduces the language feature of business negotiation. The second part aims at politeness principle and relevant theories. The third part will explore the application of politeness strategy in business negotiation.   This thesis attempts to highlight the politeness theory and analyze its application in business negotiation.

Key Words: business negotiation; politeness principle; FTA; pragmatic
strategy;  vague language
摘 要

商务谈判,是1种为了达成协议或寻求解决问题的方法,也是在谈判人员之间进行的交谈、讨论、阐述乃至质疑、争辩的过程。 谈判的任何1方在与对方合作的同时,都力图赢得最大利益。 因此,使用有效的谈判策略是必要的。 其中,礼貌原则策略在商务谈判中应用极为广泛的,也是1种行之有效的方法。 礼貌语言策略能增加谈判者之间的信任度,提高谈判中的自觉性,增加谈判成功的机会。第1部分主要介绍了商务谈判的语言特点;第2部分主要讲了礼貌策略极其理论知识;第3部分阐述了礼貌策略在商务谈判中的应用。本文试从商务谈判的例子中分析礼貌策略的合理运用,及其恰当表达方式。



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