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Poetic Qualities of Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie


Tennessee Williams is perhaps one of the most prolific, versatile American playwrights after Eugene O’Neill. For decades from 1940’s his play had dominated American theater. The Glass Menagerie was Williams’s first successful play stages in 1944. It has a profound and lasting influence on the 20th century American drama and therefore is considered as “his legacy to the modern theater”. In The Glass Menagerie, Williams practices the “new plastic theater” by using a variety of non-theatrical approaches, such as poetic language, theme and background music, sound effects, impressionistic lighting, and transparent stage settings as well as cinematic techniques to express abstract themes and to create theatrical excitement. Among all the dramatic techniques, Tennessee Williams found symbolism the best medium to metaphorize abstract ideas and concepts to achieve indirectness and avoid bluntness and obviousness. Virtually, every tangible object the stage is a symbol. Because of his innovation, he is credited as “poet of the theater”.
Key Words: Tennessee Williams; plastic theater; the Glass Menagerie;
theatrical techniques

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关键词: 田纳西•威廉斯 、“造型戏剧” 、《玻璃动物园》、戏剧技巧


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