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I. Introduction

II The social background and Southern values

III The lost generation of the Compson family results from Southern values

IV Dilsey as a Christ figure in the Compson household

V Conclusion


Southern Values Result in a Household

—a brief analysis of characters in The Sound and the Fury


The title and some of the imagery in the novel are derived from a soliloquy by the titular character in Shakespeares tragedy Macbeth. In Act V, Scene v. The novel concerns the downfall of the Compsons, in the first half of the nineteenth century, and sees the rise of a number of prominent Southern families. These aristocratic families espoused American traditional Southern values. Faulkner contends that in the process, the Compsons, and other similar Southern families, lost touch with the reality of the world around them and became lost in a haze of self-absorption. This self-absorption corrupted the core values these families once held dear and left the newer generations completely unequipped to deal with the realities of the modern world.

Key words: American traditional Southern values the Sound and the Fury the modern world



关键词:美国南方 传统观念 喧哗与骚动 现代意识

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