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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘 要

本文通过对3维欧氏空间曲面的定义,方程形式及其切平面,法线定义及方程的研究,从而推广到 维情形,得到 维欧氏空间曲面的切平面和法线的定义及方程的基本求法,并证明了1些推导出来的定理,进而对 维欧氏空间曲面及其性质进行了初步地研究.
关键词   维欧氏空间  曲面 切平面 法线

A Surface and character in N-D Eucilidean spaces



By the research of the definition ,equation form ,tangent plane and the definition and equation of the normal  of the surface in 3-D Eucilidean,that of the surface in N-D Eucilidean is found..After much work ,the basis solutions of that of the surface in N-D Eucilidean are attained.whenwhile some deduced results in this paper are proved,the characters and properties of the surface in N-D Eucilidean are studied initially.

Keywords: N-D Eucilidean spaces  surface  tangent plane normal.

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