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时间:2018-05-21 数学毕业论文 我要投稿

光电效应的研究历史和光电效应法测量 的探讨

摘要:本文较全面地介绍了光电效应的研究历史,较系统地论述了光电效应法测量 的依据及误差来源。首先介绍光电效应的研究历史,着重阐述了赫兹、勒纳德、汤姆孙、爱因斯坦和密立根等人对光电效应的研究及取得的成果;接着论述了光电效应法测量 的实验原理,误差来源及处理方法;最后,阐述了光电效应的理论意义及实际应用。

The History of Photoelectric Effect Research and the Discussion of
Measuring Plank Constant Using Photoelectric Effect Methed

Abstract: This article aims to overall introduce the history of Photoelectric Effect research ,and give a systematic discussion about the gist and error origin of measuring Plank Constant using Photoelectric Effect methed .This article introduces the history of Photoelectric Effect research firstly, including the elaboration of Hertz, Lenard, J.J.Thomson, Einstein and Millikan, of Whom have studied the Photoelectric Effect and have got some conclusions on it. Next it aims to elaborate the experimental error origin and processing method of measuring Plank Constant using Photoelectric Effect methed after introducing the experimental principle in detail. Finally the article elaborates the theoretical meaning and practical application of Photoelectric Effect .

Key words: Photoelectric Effect;Planck Constant;Einstein Photoelectric equation;work function


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