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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘 要
    本设计使用ASP.NET技术在网络上建设1个B/S模式的网络书店,以使每1位顾客不用出门在家里就能够通过上网来轻松购书。本文从理论和实践两个角度出发,对1个网络书店进行设计与实现分析。论文首先较为详尽地介绍了有关的背景知识和相关的概念技术,特别深入介绍了在本系统中运用到的知识,如:系统的分析设计流程;系统中所用到的开发技术ASP.NET和数据库SQL Server,及其使用方法。接着对书店系统的可行性和功能需求进行了分析,然后对系统的设计思想、设计目标与系统的整体结构进行了明确的规划。最后对系统的主要页面、数据库、应用程序的设计与实现作了较为详细的讲解。本系统的大部分编程与设计都是在Visual Studio.Net 2003和Macromedia Dreamweaver中完成的。使用的编程语言为C#.

【关键词】ASP.NET,B/S,Visual Studio.Net,Dreamweaver

Along with the technical development of the Internet, peoples daily life has already canned not get away from a network.Social peoples life and work will more and more be depend on in the numeral technical development in the future, more and more numerical turn, the network turn, electronical, the conjecture turn.From Internet development process and current applied condition and development trend, can adequately believe that the network technique will biggest change our lifes and work method.According to the network bookstore of electronic commerce mode be to people tradition buy a book method of 1 kind biggest changes, compare the traditional bookstore network bookstore can let you be getting more convenient, at any time and anywhere of choice oneself interested in book, no longer is subjected to time, location...etc. that the tradition purchases a book various stipulation, also valid for the meantime reduced an entity store a personnel within sale, shop front etc. the burden etc. of expenditure of various resources.
    The this design usage ASP.NET technique constucts a B/S the network bookstore of the mode on the network to make each customer need not go out in the home can pass to get to the Internet to easily buy a book.This text two angles set out from the theories and fulfillment and carry on design and realization to a network bookstore analytical.The thesis more and in details introduced first relevant of background knowledge and related concept technique, specially thorough introduce make use of in this system of knowledge, such as:The analytical design process of system;In the system ASP.NET and database SQL of the development technique use Server, and its operation method.Immediately after carried on analysis to possibility and function request of bookstore system, then to the design thought of system, designed the whole structure of target and system to carry on an explicit programming.Finally to the main page, database of system, applied design and realization of procedure to make to more explain in detail in detail.The big part plait of this system the distance and designs be all finished in the Visual Studio.Net 2003 with the Macromedia Dreamweaver.The plait distance language of usage is a C#.
    The main function of this network bookstore system realization have:The book browse, the classification check to seek, book index, the sale seniority, book collect to clip, purchase process, book to comment on, new in the book, customer management, website management etc..

【KEYWORD】:ASP.NET, B/S, Visual Studio.Net, Dreamweaver

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