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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿

气象信息管理系统是典型的信息管理系统(MIS),其开发主要包括数据库的建立和维护以及应用程序的开发两个方面。对于前者要求建立起数据1致性和完整性强、数据安全性好的库。而对于后者则要求应用程序功能完备,易使用等特点。经过分析,本系统使用JAVA进行前台应用程序的开发,使用SQL Server 2000作为后台数据库的开发工具。在开发过程中采用原型化的系统开发方法,首先在短时间内建立系统应用原型,然后,对初始原型系统进行需求迭代,不断修正和改进,直到形成满意的可行系统。
信息管理系统;JAVA;SQL Server 2000。

The system of managing student file is a typical application of managing information system (know as MIS),which mainly includes building up data-base of back-end and developing the application interface of front-end. The former required consistency and integrality and security of data. The later should make the application powerful and easily used. After the analysis, this system uses JAVA to carry on the onstage application procedure the development, uses SQL Server 2000 to take the backstage database the development kit. It can give you a short-cut to build up a prototype of system application. The prototype could be modified and developed till users are satisfied with it.
This design develops the meteorology information management system comprehensive analysis meteorology information content, in this system administration system, the main realization function is to the meteorological information, the local information, the meteorological disaster information input, the revision, the deletion, the inquiry, the printing, the system users input, the revision, the deletion, as well as system contact surface style choice change and so on.
 MIS; JAVA;SQL Server 2000。

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