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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘   要


关 键 词:高级加密标准;分组密码体制;AES ;有限域;数据加密;数据解密


We need one kind of measure to protect our data frequently, prevented is harbored by some not the good attentively person to see to or the destruction. In the information age, the information may help the association or individual, causes them to profit, similarly, the information also may use for to them to pose the threat, creates the destruction. In the competition intense big company, the industrial spy can gain opposite party information frequently. Therefore, in on is objective needs one kind of powerful security measure to protect the secret data not to steal or to tamper with. The data encryption and the decryption from on macroscopic says is extremely simple, is very easy to understand. The encryption and decipher some methods are extremely direct, is very easy to grasp, may be very convenient carries on the encryption and the decryption to the secret data. This paper main introduction senior encryption decipher algorithm AES historical development and domestic and foreign present situations; I mainly introduced senior data encryption decipher algorithm AES the concept, how the concrete content and do realize the encryption decipher concrete process with this algorithm and its realizes the platform introduction; Our here uses is senior data encryption decipher algorithm AEA, carries on the encryption decipher to the data, can achieve safely, protection good convenience quick, is easy to realize the integrity to be good.

Keywords:Advanced Encryption Standard; AES; Limited jurisdiction; data encryption; data decryption

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