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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘 要




Along with the computer and the communication rapid development, the cryptology already seeped domain and so on politics, economy, culture and even individual privacy, the use encryption technology protects the  information the security to change more and more importantly, the big number operation took the password the foundation specially was especially is important in the male key password. This paper key point lies in through studies to the big number plus-minus method operation understands the big number in the computer expression and the memory. As well as the big number in the computer plus-minus method operation C procedure realization, will build the foundation for the later cryptology research.
The paper divides into two major parts, Big number elementary knowledge part and large number plus-minus method C language realization part. Rationale part including main text first chapter, second chapter and third chapter: First chapter is the C language and the MFC simple introduction, second chapter of introduction large number operation necessity as well as password realization; Third chapter introduces the large number in detail in the computer expression and the correlation mentality. The fourth chapter introduction large number preparation knowledge and large number plus-minus method C language realization. The fifth chapter introduction makes the contact surface realization with C++ and carries on the plus-minus method operation from the window input large number, as well as when enclosed test common mistake and revision. Finally in appendix enclosed constant tabulation, belt parameter great, and procedure source code.
This paper through has grasped the big number to the big number plus-minus method operation in between the computer expression big number and the character transformation. The present paper the encryption algorithm has provided some useful references to the encryption algorithm utilization as well as in the cryptology in the daily life utilization scope and its using the method. Has provided the computation foundation for the password encryption decipher.

Key words
Cryptology ; Big number ; Big number expression ; Additive operation ; Subtraction operation.

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