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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿





B-spline curves&surfaces are very important geometric definitions on industrial productions, and are so wild used in CADC software; This paper choose MATLAB as the exploring tool, thus it has various skills which consisted with three important functions, and easy to operate. Because of these features, MATLAB become one of the worlds most popular software that wildly used in many fields, such as mathematics. The paper first gives a simple description on B-spline curves&surfaces as follows, their definition, character and classification, together with several graphs and examples in order to strengthen readers comprehension on B-spline curves&surfaces. Second, it indicates the distinction of MATLAB, using function in spline tools to draw B-spline curves&surfaces, in this circumstance, the definition of B-spline curves&surfaces, as well as the drawing procedure would be simplified greatly. By the way, the paper also give brief illustrations on how B-spline curves&surfaces so widely used in daily life, as a result, sublimate the purpose and significance on B-spline curves&surfaces.

CAGD; MATLAB; B-Spline curves; B-spline sufaces

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