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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿

系统开发以Microsoft SQL Server 2000为数据库,以Tomcat为服务器,采用最新JSP技术及当前流行的B/S3层体系结构,其中JSP的HTML程序页面构成了前端的表示层,JavaBean构成业务逻辑层,JDBC和后台的数据库则构成了数据库服务层。系统具有较好的通用性、兼容性、可扩展性,可与电子邮件及其他互联网服务的良好集成。
关键字: 求职网站; JSP; JavaBean;  Tomcat ; JDBC

  Nowadays, with the rapid increase of graduate from college, hunting for a job arises people’s more interests. Presently, the meeting for recruiting has been one of the major approach, which, but, has a fault in time and address .As a matter of fact, proper use on Internet-platform can make the situation better.
This article concentrates on designing a WebSite for college student hunting for a suitable job, which can supply both announcing and querying services for Enterprise and Job-hunters. Specifically, it can be divided to two parts, namely front-application and behind-management. The former one supplies users with identifying and browsing services, and the other allows administrators to manage concerning information about both Enterprises and students.
System development uses Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as database, use Tomcat as server .the lastest technology called JSP, and popular three-level structure. In this process, HTML program constitute the show-layer. JavaBean makes the business-logical layer. JDBC and back=database is used as DataBase Server.All above make this system versatilitable, Compatibilitable, extentable and integrate well with Electronic mail service and so on.

Keywords: recruit website;  register;  JSP;  JavaBean; Tomcat;  JDBC

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