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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿

企业网络办公系统(简称系统)是1种基于Web的网络办公自动化系统,系统建立在 Brovrser/Server/Database3层构架之上,具有?榛杓、实现用户权限自定义、会议讨论功能、提供在线交流功能和支持大型数据库的特点。

Non- paper office work system
At present, the office automatic system designed by conventional Client/Server mode has not well satisfied the need of network office, and could not fully fuse the feature of new technique, so it does not bring the advantage of new manage mode into well play. Basing on the reason, with the design of  Department's network office automatic system, this paper summarizes out an office automatic system based on Web.
Department's network office automatic system ( system),based on Browser/Server/Database mode, It has the features of modularized design, user jurisdiction from definition function, at the same time, it has Conference discussion function and Provides the on-line exchange function and sustains large database.
The whole design is based on Browser/Server/Database three-layer frame. The system includes tow layer: one is user-behave layer, which is a friendly user  interface to operate; another one is system-manager layer, where Client need not save the data and program, and directly access data by application-server. Compared with conventional Client/Server mode, it could enhance the security and stability of system, and reduce the communication flux of network and maintenance Administrators register user in system-manager layer and assign user privilege. In  course of running, the system-manager layer has data operating privilege except for  the individuation data of user.
Finally, according to the development of current technology and the demand of actual work, we summarize the present work and look into the future of office automation system.
Keywords: Office Automation;web;administrator;ASP;database

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