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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘 要
本文结合附录提供的问卷调查的结果,将其数据进行统计分析,通过计算不同性别、年龄段的人群的出行、就餐选择,在选择最短路径的前提下所产生的人流量,以及不同消费档次的人群的消费总和及其所占百分比,用其数据进行预测奥运会期间的出行、就餐选择时产生的人流量以及满足观众的购物需求,通过多目标最优化设计,在奥运场馆附近给定的商区内,最合理的建立Mini Supermarket,使得商区的利润最大化。所得到的结果较为合理,与实际贴近。
   A1     A2     A3    A4     A5     A6     A7     A8     A9    A10
8.49% 4.53% 4.60% 4.92% 5.35% 10.25% 5.11% 4.80% 4.72% 4.76%
   B1     B2     B3    B4     B5    B6
4.07% 3.58% 5.89% 3.45% 3.98% 8.26%
   C1     C2     C3    C4
1.91% 2.60% 3.02% 5.70%

取500000 大MS规模 2000000,10000 小MS规模 500000
A区(2,3,3,2,2,7,2,2,2,3) B区(2,3,2,2,3,5)
A区(1,2,2,4,5,1,2,4,2,4) B区(1,4,7,4,5,1)




Olympic Games temporary supermarket mesh point design
Information and computation scientific specialty  LiTan
Instructs teacher  LiuHuiYa
This article unifies the questionnaire survey result which the appendix provides, carries on its data the statistical analysis, Through the computation different sex, the age section crowd goes on a journey, goes to eat the choice,
Person current capacity produces which in under the choice most short-path premise, As well as the different expense scale crowds expense sum total and its accounts for the percentage, Carries on with its data forecast the person current capacity which Olympic Games period goes on a journey, goes to eat when choice produces as well as meets audiences shopping need, Through the multi- goals optimization design, in business area which assigns nearby the Olympic Games field hall, Most reasonable establishment Mini Supermarket, causes business area the profit maximization. Obtained arrives the result is reason able, with actual draws close to.
   To the question one, uses the statistical analysis the method, discovers the audience to go on a journey, to dine with aspect the and so on shopping rule, compared with conforms to the reality
   To the question two, a use question result, uses the matrix analysis and the computation, surveys business area the stream of people distribution
  A area
  A1     A2    A3     A4      A5    A6     A7     A8     A9     A10
8.49% 4.53% 4.60% 4.92% 5.35% 10.25% 5.11% 4.80% 4.72% 4.76%
   B area
  B1     B2     B3    B4     B5     B6
4.07% 3.58% 5.89% 3.45% 3.98% 8.26%
   C area
  C1     C2     C3    C4
1.91% 2.60% 3.02% 5.70%
To the question three, in satisfies in the topic under three basic conditions premises, according to demonstrated in the life the actual situation takes group of big MS and the small MS value scope, obtain sin business area the MS mesh point design proposal to be as follows:
   Takes 500,000 big MS scale 2 million, 10,000 small MS scale 500,000
Big MS
A aera(2,3,3,2,2,7,2,2,2,3) B area (2,3,2,2,3,5)
C area (3,2,2,4)
    Small MS
A area (1,2,2,4,5,1,2,4,2,4) B area (1,4,7,4,5,1)
C area (2,4,3,1)

Keywords: Statistical analysis; most short-path; Expense amount

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