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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘 要

本游戏使用JAVA语言实现,以JBuilder X作为开发工具,通过对SCOKET技术的理解,在此基础上建立服务器与客户端的连接,处理服务器与客户端之间的信息。通过对软件的编写,加深对以上技术的理解和掌握。此5子棋游戏能够通过两台联网的计算机实现异地间的双人对弈。并提供了播放背景音乐,落子声音以及“和棋”、“悔棋”等功能。

关键词:5子棋 多线程  流套接字  数据传输



At present, taking computer technology and the network technology as the core, modern network technology is already used in the real life and the production. The leisure network game sets interest, entertainment, interaction and intelligence development in a body, and already became the leisure mode of the most people. Gobang is a very popular game and its history in our country may be of long standing and well established. It can improve thinking ability and intelligence, but also rich in philosophy and contribute to self-cultivation.
   This game-software implemented with JAVA language, based on IDE JBuilder X and according to the understanding of SCOKET technology. Established in these foundations, the server connects with the multi- client, and processes the information between many clients using the multi-thread processing technology. Through to the software compilation, deepen understanding and grasps to the technology above understanding and grasps. This game software realize two computer users playing through network.Broadcasting the background music, the playing music and some special functions , such as “giving up”,“retracting a false move”,etc.. will be available.

Key Words: Gobang  multi-thread socket  stream data  transmission

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