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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿


本次设计是根据北京勤哲软件公司提供的Excel服务器教程,利用其自主开发的Excel服务器软件实现的。Excel服务器最先实现了Excel的网络化,把MS Excel跟MS SQL Server数据库有机会结合起来,并且可以自动生成B/S网站,实现多人共享、多人协同以及远程管理。Excel服务器作为设计平台,具备随心所欲的模板设计、成熟的表间关联、灵活的工作流设计,强大的外部数据源结合、完善的权限管理等功能。简单易学,无需编程,即可轻松、快速实现能够适应变化的各种管理信息系统!本次设计中运用了模板设计、权限管理等功能,基本实现了教师工作量的自动计算及网络化管理。



This design is according to the Excel server course which provides by the Beijing Qingzhe software company, uses its independent development Excel server software to realize. The Excel server has first realized the Excel network, database has MS Excel with MS SQL the Server the opportunity to unify, and may automatically produce the B/S website, realizes the multi- people to share, the multi- people coordination as well as the long-distance management. The Excel server achievement designs the platform, has the template design, during the mature table which has ones wish is connected, the nimble work flows the design, formidable exterior data pool union, consummation function and so on jurisdiction management. Simple is easy to study, does not need to program, is then relaxed, the fast realization can adapt the change each kind of management information system! In this design has utilized function and so on template design, jurisdiction management, basically has realized the teacher work load automatic computation and the network management.

Keywords : Excel server; Teacher work load; Automatic computation; Network

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