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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿


论文主要分为两大部分,理论部分和应用部分。理论基础部分包括正文的“1 概述”和“2 几种密码体制的原理及加解密算法的描述”:“1 概述”简单介绍了几种古典密码的基础知识;“2 几种密码体制的原理及加解密算法的描述”较详细地介绍了几种古典密码加密算法的叙述和解密,而其中算法的内容为第4章的算法运用内容做准备。应用部分为“3 软件的实现”:“3 软件的实现”包括几种密码的C实现及加密解密器界面的C++实现和几种密码功能的执行、测试和使用。最后是“4 软件设计小结”以及“致谢”和列出了1些参考的文献。



Along with the computer and the communication rapid development, the cryptology already seeped domain and so on politics, economy, culture and even individual privacy, the use encryption technology protects the information the security to change more and more importantly. This paper key point is introduced several classical passwords systems, the classical password encryption decipher demonstration and its uses C++ the realization.
The paper mainly divides into two major parts, the theory part and the application part. The rationale partially "1 outline" and "2 several kind of passwords systems principle and adds the decipher algorithm including the main text the description": "1 outline" simply introduced several kind of classical passwords elementary knowledges; "2 several kind of passwords systems principle and added the decipher algorithm the description" in detail to introduce several kind of classical passwords encryption algorithm narration and the decipher, but algorithm content prepared for the fourth chapter of algorithm using the content. Applies the part is "3 software realizations": "3 software realizations" including several kind of passwords C realizations and encryption decipher contact surface C++ realization and several kind of passwords functions execution, test and use. Finally was "4 software designs subtotal" as well as "expresses thanks" and has listed some references literature.
This paper through the encryption algorithm has provided some useful references to the cryptographic system comparison as well as to the encryption algorithm utilization for the cryptology in the daily life utilization scope and its using the method.

cryptology, password system, encryption algorithm, decipher algorithm, key.

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