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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿



With the Internet popularization, the computer security problem is becoming more and more important.As a result,,it appeared many algorithm about the computer security encryption , in recent yeas new algorithm of block cipher have emerged in large numbers,but IDEA algorithm is an important one of the data encryption   encryption algorithm. In the methodology it is novel, moreover the speed is quick..Its character is the encrypt and the decipher is same, only the key is respectively different. It doesn’t difficult to realize it with the software or the hardware .The encryption and the decipher operating speed is both extremely quick.
But what we mainly obtain in this software is we have read the data from the document, which had been carried on the encryption ,and then we decipher the documents which have been encrypted, furthermore, we compare the two kinds of documents.The last problem is in order to solve the digital signature of counterfeit question.
The international data encryption algorithm is the outstanding one in block cipher,therefore,nowadays there are a lot of applications in data encryption .

Keywords: encryption; decrypt,;key;digital signature

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