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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿

摘    要




We frequently need one kind of measure to protect our data, prevented is harbored by some not the good attentively person to see or the destruction. In the information time, the information may help the association or individual, causes them to profit, similarly, the information also may use for to them to pose the threat, creates the destruction. In the competition intense big company, the industrial spy frequently can gain opposite party information. Therefore, in on is objective needs one kind of powerful security measure to protect the secret data not to steal or to tamper with. The people had found the protection data security measure, that is the logarithm according to carries on the encryption and the decipher data, the encryption and the decryption from on macroscopic says is extremely simple, is very easy to understand, but in fact, we if the concrete operation, is not an easy matter. The encryption and decipher some methods are extremely direct, is very easy to grasp, may be very convenient carries on the encryption and the decryption to the secret data. The present paper first introduced the block cipher technology, from this draws out advanced encryption standard AES; Then introduces high-level encryption decipher algorithm AES the historical development and the domestic and foreign present situations; Then the introduction high-level data encryption decipher algorithm AES thought, how do the concrete content and realize the encryption decipher concrete process with this algorithm, also is the AES algorithm realization.

Keywords:Dvanced Encryption Standard; Block cipher; AES; data; data encryption; data decryption 

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