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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿





On the basis of highway sketch map in a county, In this paper, the author tries to find out catastrophic scouting routes on different conditions. One is scouting in settled groups, the other is scouting in fixed time. And also summarizes effective principles about the most favorable circuit in this category of charts. The county highway sketch maps was transformed into value-endowed connected charts firstly, and divided the original value maps into several child charts through Minimum Cost Spanning Tree. By analyzing these child charts, several principles of the best circuit was found out, which was expanding strategy, circle strategy, branch-exchange. And on the basis of these strategies, scouting routes on different occasions was tried to find out. 
Under the situation of dividing the scouting personnel into 3 groups, the shortest total route and as equilibrium as possible, each group of scouting route respectively is: 159.3km, 239.8km, 186.4km. If it was required to be finished scouting within 24 hours, they can be stayed at each county for about two hours and one hour in each village. The whole personnel must be divided into at least 4 groups and thus the required finishing time is: 22.4 hours.
The changes of T, t, V influence the most favorable route in the following ways: the relationship between T, t, V and the most favorable route is: it is  not only related with the changing way of T, t and V, but also related with the precision requirement of the most favorable routes equilibrium.

Keywords: the best favorable method;Minimum Cost Spanning Tree;Connected chart;Kruskal arithmetic

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