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时间:2017-08-11 数学毕业论文 我要投稿





Company for farsighted program, will launch some have results to show a fruit discussion meeting, but because of company to group discussion the personnel dont all assign, causing to is some have the discussion that the shadow of human figure of the power and influence rings an excellent result, so average allotment group discussion the personnel is very important
In this paper,we solve the problem to design to assignments of several sessions with a different mix of people in each group .
We use a( 0 ,1 )-matrix C to record designed groups ,and a matrix T to record currently known times of every two members’ discussions. After concluding that the optimal attending times of each member are 6, we construct orthogonal Latin Squares to obtain the morning list. For the afternoon list, we use the ideas of Greedy Algorithm. According to the designed assignments, we design the current discussion group most efficiently.
Furthermore, we perform computer simulation to indicate that the model makes sense. We summarize a set of general and practicable schemes. In generalization, we estimate the proper range by the empirical formular for a given number of members.
The metod can be widely applied to experimental design.

Key words :Greedy Algorithm;Assign list;Orthogonal Latin Square.

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